Almost 80% of visitors do not visit beyond page 3 in any product listing page. How do you determine the top products in each product listing page?

Trending is the grouping of data across the store as a single entity, analyzing and predicting products are most likely to engage with visitors across the site for a given Search query, product listing page. Visitors provide engagement data across your site by virtue of the time they spend in pages, products, how they interact with products and what they finally buy. Tagalys detects these patterns, to ensure the results are sorted considering historical engagement data, to predict the highest probability of future engagement.

Bear in mind most visitors will not scroll more than 3 times for any product listing page. This could be a Search results page, Category page or Landing page, hence showing the products with the probability of highest engagement, increases the revenue for your store. This visitor behaviour increases on mobile, where they are filled with distractions, hence whats is not on top is not on their mind.