Installation takes between 2 to 3 minutes. Catalog sync can vary from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your catalog. 

Step by Step documentation

  1. Visit the Tagalys extension page at Magento connect. 
  2. Click on "Install Now".
  3. Get the extension key. You will need to login to Connect with your Magento account to get access to this key.
  4. "Select key" and copy. For Safari (CMD + C), others (CTRL + C).
  5. If to logged in already, kindly login to the admin account of your Magento store. 
  6. Goto System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  7. Login to Magento Connect Manager if requested. 
  8. Paste the extension key. For Safari (CMD + V), others (CTRL + C) and click "INSTALL" 
  9. Click on "Proceed" to start installation. 
  10. You will get a message "Cache cleaned successfully". Hit "Refresh" below. 
  11. Return back to your Magento admin panel
  12. In your menu, find Tagalys > Configuration 
  13. Click on "Sign up for your Tagalys account" to generate secure API keys. This will open a new tab.
  14. Enter your basic information to generate your secure API keys and click "Get Started".
  15. Unique API keys will be auto generated that will work only with your Magento store. Please do not share this with anyone. 
  16. Go back to Magento Admin tab, with Tagalys > Configuration and click "PROCEED" to paste the API keys into this configuration 
  17. Paste the API keys and click "Submit". 
  18. Note:
    • CRON has to be running for installation to work. If not please read this documentation on Setting Up Cron Jobs in Magento.
    • We recommend this process is done at a relatively low traffic hour.
  19. Choose the store (s) that should be installed with the selected extension. Click "Submit". The installation is complete after this step. 
  20. This screen shows a progress of products synch from Magento to Tagalys.  You can close the screen. Once complete, you will receive an email and the downloaded extension will start working automatically. 
  21. Done. Thank you and always share your feedback with us directly at